Natural (breed)

Natural (breed)
Beta titanium "BetaBlue" / "TMA*" (nickel-free), Natural, ROUND (Highland Metals Inc.)
Clearance Item. This item is only available in limited quantities. (These archwires are now available in packs of 25 units).

• Titanium-molybdenum alloy
• Nickel-free
• The properties of beta titanium lie between the malleability of steel and the flexibility of nickel titanium
• Smooth polish for optimal slide capability
• Midline marking 

Pack: 10 units
17,90 EUR
excl. 21% BTW. excl. Scheepvaart
Archwire holder in aluminium
Archwire holder in aluminium Dentsply Sirona - AWH-N
• Solid design in aluminium
• Rubber pads ensure steady footing
• Holds 6 upper and 6 lower archwires of varying thicknesses

  Measurements: 20cm x 9.4cm x 4.2cm
47,90 EUR
excl. 21% BTW. excl. Scheepvaart
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